cake or no cake, that is the question!

When it comes to the all important Cake Smash Cake! You need to decide if you will supply and bring your own or you would like us to provide a professionally made cup-cake, made to our specifications, perfect for your Cake Smash. 


All we will say is that if you're suppling your own cake, choose one with lots of butter cream that will make lots of squidgy mess - the more mess, the better the images will be! Avoid hard decorated chocolate sponges from supermarkets - they tend to crumble, they are not very sticky and have lots of little chocolate decorations that little ones like to pick at rather than dive in! 

If you are having our gender specific backgrounds, choose a cake that will tie in with what you're dressing your little one in and our backgrounds (blues & pinks) .

The Giant Cupcakes we provide are specifically designed to be messy with a lush thick buttercream topping and a gooey soft cream centre for extra mess (and they are awesomely tasty too)!    

We Supply Cake

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