learning photography

Learning photography from YouTube, books or online courses can be a daughting, confusing and a little bit like a one way conversation.! So many instructors, so many rules & so many ways to do the same thing! Whos right, whos wrong and what information is pertenant to you!

I have distilled my years of experience into 5 easy to understand modules to get you going on the right path, with the right mental attitude and the right skills to build a foundation in photography. A foundation that you can use to build you own photographic style or follow your own path. If nothing else, you will no longer be 'pointing and shooting' you will understand what photographers look for when shooting an image be it landscape, wedding, portrait, product or animal.

Each module builds on the previous module and requires lots of research, practice and patience by you! There are no shortcuts, you might as well jump in the deep end and let us teach you how to swim.

Each module is designed around 1 hour, one on one, 'conversation' with myself. I will show you how to setup your camera like a professional, so you can react quickly to changing situations. I will show you how the relationships between shutter , aperture and ISO work and where the tradoffs are and when to prioritise one setting over another.

I will show you which software to use and, in coming modules, how to use it effectively. 

I'm offering these modules at an extremely modest £25 per module whilst I fine tune the content and my delivery of the content. So snap them up whilst you can & my awesomeness goes viral :-) !!


Module 1 - Shutter, Aperture & Film speed (relationships & application).

Module 2 - Exposure Modes (messuring light & it's limitations).

Module 3 - Camera Modes (Shutter vs Aperture vs Manual & output JPG vs RAW).

Module 4 - Composition (Good Image Receipe).

Module 5 - Consolidation & Reflection (Exposure, Metering, Compostion & Attitude).

Special 1 - Wedding Photography (Perspective & Experience Based Guidance).

Speical 2 - Studio Photography (Perspective & Experience Based Guidance).




Modules are currently half price & just £25 per module for a limited time. Total investment is £125 for all 5 modules.

Specials are £50 per module.