Yep, we also do location and home studio shoots for families. This is a great way to get stylish contemporary photographs in the comfort of your own home. This is particularly suited to younger children that may feel uncomfortable in a strange environment. We both have lots of kids of our own and as you might expect - we are extremely used to photographing them, mood swings and all!

If you don't fancy studio portraits then lets meet up at your favourite place! We take long lenses and photograph you from a distance. Capturing your interaction, affection and love - you won't be posed unless you want to! In fact, you may wonder where we've gone - which is good! We won't be in your face with cameras going 'click' 'click' 'click' and spoiling your day - wouldn't that be a complete nightmare!

By the end of the following day, your gallery will be up and ready for you to start sharing with your nearest and dearest.   

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