• Please note, the images we send you are large, they are optimised for printed media, not the internet. You will need a PC/Mac desktop computer or laptop to download the images on to. Your phone/tablet is not a supported platform for print image delivery, if you do not have a desktop/laptop computer we are more than happy to place your images on a supplied, blank USB memory stick for free or we can supply a DVD containing your prints for £10.

*We have recently tested Android tablet. The Google Play store has a ZIP utility that will allow you to expand your prints on your Android device. You may need plenty of free space depending on your shoot. This may also be the case for iPhone and iPad but we are yet to test this functionality.


  • Images are sent to you via the WeTransfer service and may appear in your junk/spam folder. Simply follow the link in the email to download your images.


  • We also strongly recommend that you make multiple copies of your images for safe keeping. Although all our data is backed up, we are not responsible for lost/damaged DVD's, memory sticks or computer/storage failures you may encounter. Duplicate downloads and DVD's are chargeable at £10 each. We do try keep as many shoots as possible be it studio or wedding, but for practical reasons we can't keep them indefinitely & make no guarantees that we can provide copies of your photos 3 months after your appointment with us - however much we would like to. 


  • At point of image delivery, you assume responsibility for your images. We pass the full copyright of the images over to you by way of a Copyright Waiver form included with your images. You have complete freedom to use the images as you see fit. We will never use your images for our promotion or any other purpose without your implicit written permission (we will generally ask via email/FB messenger or other electronic means). Any images we are given permission to use will be watermarked 'Acorn Studios' to identify the originator and source of the image before use.


  • We can not 'make' your children smile. We will do our upmost to encourage laughter and engagement during your session which normally involves some pain be inflicted on one of the photographers - nothing seems to make children smile more than seeing a grown up being hit over the head! :-) 


  • We can not 'make' you children have their picture taken. If they flat refuse to enter the studio area or refuse to take part in the proceedings, despite our best efforts and blackmail with the promise of sweets & treats - then we can do no more. We encourage parental empathy rather than threatening your child with sanctions, this method of coercion rarely works and often backfires and will ensure your session with us fails. We are not responsible for grumpy faces :-)


  • Finally, 99 percent of our clients leave with happy hyper children that don't want to leave. Within a day or two receive images that exceed expectations which results in praise for our methods and ability. Help us ensure you're in the 99 percentile :-)