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Brand New Mobile Offering for 2019 - Themed Photoshoots at Your Location!

New for 2019. Our corporate and larger scale mobile offerings for schools & organisations that care for younger children. We wanted to offer an option very similar to traditional professional offerings but injecting more engagement with our actual themed based shoots. We know from experience these are a winning combination as we’ve performed them countless times at our Dereham studio. It’s truly a recipe for smiles and laughs & perfect for Christmas gifts! We’re also working on other offerings which will allow us to offer two shoots of this type per year in addition end of year class photos.

Designed for nurseries, pre-schools and organisations that care for younger people and of course our very own special events. Our winter themed, interactive Christmas shoots ensure we get the very best from children which facilitate truly emotive photographs, full of natural expression. This can sometimes be impossible task to achieve in a nursery environment with the standard photographic approach as children’s insecurities can be heightened when confronted by a stranger/photographer, put in the spotlight with Mum, Dad or Carer nowhere to be seen.

Making the shoot interactive allows us to overcome the vast majority of these feelings and kids are generally overtaken by the potential to have fun, playing with snowballs, sitting on a sledge and sprinkling our award winning faux snow.



What Does It Cost Us?

These shoots are totally free for nurseries and organisers for us to setup and offer to their customers. Our carefully designed & bespoke print packs and products offer a full range of options for all budgets. From a single photographic print to shut framed or traditional framed images from 6x4 to 24x16 inch prints ro USB sticks containing copyright free, hi resolution, images.

After the big shoot day(s) has been completed, we collate and produce proof order forms for organisers to simply issue to parents. Once completed & returned to us we get everything ready and deliver all orders back to the venue. We offer a 20% incentive on the total of all orders placed per venue (sales of £1000 generate £200 revenue for organiser). Whatever the total sales are, we invoice you for total sales minus 20% so you don’t have to wait for us to pay you!

We have run this theme privately for families since 2015 and the feedback we get is amazing. 2019 is the first year this service has been offered as a mobile service with an attractive incentive being offered to the organiser. This is fantastic for nurseries that run as charities as it secures an additional funding source once or twice a year. We include your branding on our price lists and order forms which really helps this service appear as a collaboration to parents rather than an outsourced service.

  • 20% Commission on Total Sales

  • Print and Digital options for all budgets

  • Fast Turn-Around

Who Are Acorn Studios?

We are a small Dereham based photographic business operating since July 2015 and prior to that as Nik Hill Photography since 2010. We run a studio in Wellington Road, Dereham with a large local presence with hundreds of reviews and recomendations. With almost a decade of family and child based photography experience behind us, we know how to get the very best from children and our exclusive 5 Star reviews and recommendations tell us we are able to achieve where others fail. We are also very conscious of protecting our clients images and unlike the vast majority of the industry, we are essentially a copyright inclusive studio. Meaning the families we photograph own their own images and have full control of their use. Not just printing rights. It is therefore illegal for us to use your images for our promotion without being in breach of our clients copyright :-) Thats the way we like it!


Bespoke Print Packs

Can be customised to fit your customers and your branding.

Whats the turn Around?

Print packs and proofs can be turned around within 7 days of the shoot. We then require all forms to be handed back to us 7 days after issue. Prints and deliverables then returned 7 days after forms received. Additional orders outside of the designated order period can be made via reference number and directly at Acorn Studios.

Why not set up a meeting with us to discuss how we can apply our shoots to fit your organisation & your parents/carers needs. For more information. Please complete our contact form below. We will get back in touch within 24hrs.

How Do We Find Out More?

Thats easy! Complete the form below! We are contacting all nurseries and preschools in Dereham and surrounding areas with this oppotunity this year with two Nurseries already booked in. We will expand this service to encompass Norwich and Norfolk in 2020 and beyond but Dereham and surrounding communities will always be our first priority.

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